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We had our cousins’ get-together last Nov. 29.

We have a huge family on my Mom’s side.  They are 11 siblings, and I don’t know how many cousins I have.  Sorry I’m too lazy to count now.

Anyway, I practically grew up with my cousins.  (At least those who have always been based in Manila.)  We’re like brothers and sisters.  I miss those days when we’d all converge in my Lola’s house in Timog, and have sleepovers.

We don’t see each other as often anymore, but when we do, it’s like we were just together yesterday.  I hope that our kids would be this close to each other, too.

Jaz, organized this dinner for us.  We’re almost complete except for some who are already based abroad.

Last Nov. 29, we braved the traffic in the metro, and we all met up at Mall of Asia.

P1100203 (640x427)

Originally, we planned on having dinner at Viking’s.  But the place was full!  So we moved it to Bulgogi Brothers.

P1100204 (640x427)

I rode with my sisters and brother.  We got there late, and we were starving!  When we got there, the others were there already but we didn’t have a table yet!  We had to wait for another half an hour or so.

P1100205 (640x427)

(Please excuse the photos.  It was dark in the restaurant.)

The food was worth the wait!

The salad was really good, and you can eat as much as you want!  It’s complimentary!

P1100209 (640x427)

The appetizers and kimchi were complimentary, too.

P1100210 (640x427)

We devoured these:

P1100211 (640x427)

Sorry, I don’t know the names of the dishes.

P1100214 (640x427)

All I know is that they’re all beef dishes.

P1100213 (640x427)

Everything’s delicious!

P1100216 (640x427)

P1100217 (640x427)

This one was really good!

P1100219 (640x427)

Oh, they ordered one Pork dish.:

P1100218 (640x427)

Here’s our group:

P1100221 (640x427)

Jaz, Justin, and Penny subsidized a big part of the bill as their birthday treat!  Thank you, guys!:) :

P1100224 (640x427)

Our group, from the other end of the table:

P1100227 (640x427)

Meet our group:

My cousin Justin, and the newest member of our family, his girlfriend “A”.:

P1100230 (640x427)

My cousin Mitch, and his wife, celebrity Chef Jackie:

P1100231 (427x640)

My cousin Carlo ( our comic relief!:) ), and his wife Geng.:

P1100232 (427x640)

My brother Kokok, and wife, Agela::)

P1100233 (427x640)

My sister Leslie and her husband Homer:

P1100234 (427x640)

My cousin Penny, and her boyfriend Jeff:

P1100235 (427x640)

My sister Caron, and our cousin, Jaz:

P1100237 (640x427)

We had so much fun!  I hope we could do this more often!:)

Written by Camille Palomera- Joven

December 19, 2012 at 11:25 am

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