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Julian is so active!  For a 5-year -old, he enjoys playing rough games.  (He’s not a violent kid, it’s just a boy-thing, I guess.)  Since he doesn’t have boy playmates at home, I indulge him with his rough games.  We play boxing and I let him beat me to a pulp.   It’s not really painful even if he punches really hard.  I, especially, enjoy it when he jumps on me, (UFC style), and wrestles with me on the bed.

Anyway, this morning, he came to me and said, “Mommy let’s play cowboy!”.  Thinking that it would just be a pretend-shooting play, I gamely said “Sure!”   And he goes: “Yay!  I’ll be the cowboy, and you’ll be the horse!”  Haha! :)  Not the game I had in mind.  (And not the kind of game that my back can endure).  I did try, though.

After taking that picture, I told him that we should bake something instead.  I’m so glad he was up to it!

We decided to make brownies!

First, I let him toast the nuts.  He’s allergic to peanuts and some other nuts, but not to almonds.

I measured the ingredients, and he put them in the mixer.:

After mixing, he put the batter on the pan.:

Okay, I did this, and I just let him pose beside it.:

He did sprinkle the nuts.:

We put the nuts on top because it’s  easier to take out if he doesn’t want to eat them.  He’s quite cautious about eating nuts. (Which is good!)

And here it is, baked.:

So fudgy and yummy! :)  He and I gave each other a high-five, and then he told me that he wants to be a “Chef Baker” when he grows up.   He said that both of us should be Chef Bakers because we’re a good team.

A good team we are, indeed!

Future “Chef Bakers”…:)

Written by Camille Palomera- Joven

June 27, 2012 at 10:08 pm

Posted in Food, Home

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  1. Luv your blog, Camille! Keep on writing!

    San Francisco fan

    July 1, 2012 at 3:59 am

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