Overnight layover in Narita

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Super late post… but better late than never. :)

We went to Japan again last March 29 to April 12, 2015.  This time, we went to Hokkaido! :)

Originally, we planned on buying a 14-day JR Pass, then take the bullet train from Tokyo to Sapporo.  The trip would’ve taken 10 hours.  I planned on cutting up the trip, then stay a night or two in some towns along the way.  However, when hubby found out that the train was passing through Fukushima, he said that we should just take the plane.  Good thing I chanced upon a promo from Jetstar! The rate for Narita-Sapporo was about Php 6,000 per head, round-trip. :)

This was our itinerary:

March 29-30 – Narita

March 30 – April 1 – Sapporo

Apr 1 – 2 – Otaru

April 2 – 4 – Niseko, Hirafu

April 4 – 5 – Sapporo

April 5 – 7 – Asahikawa, Sounkyo

April 7 – 9 – Sapporo

April 9 – 12 – Nagoya

We stayed a night in Narita because our flight to Sapporo was very early the next day.

We booked at Richmond Hotel Narita. It was just 1 train stop away from the airport. They provide free airport shuttle. :)

We arrived at Narita around 4 p.m. (if I remember correctly).  After checking in at the hotel, we dropped off our stuff in the room, then went around the area.

Here are some sights:

P1190756 (1024x683)

P1190762 (1024x683)

P1190763 (1024x683)

We bought sushi for dinner: :)

P1190765 (1024x683)

P1190767 (1024x683)

P1190770 (1024x683)

P1190771 (1024x683)

P1190774 (1024x683)

P1190777 (1024x683)

The photo below shows what looks like an abandoned building.  But upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it was only made too look that way.  It’s, actually very “artsy”. :)

Hubby thinks it’s a nightclub. ;)

P1190781 (1024x683)

P1190782 (1024x683)

P1190784 (1024x683)

P1190785 (1024x683)

This is the facade of our hotel:

P1190790 (1024x683)

It’s in a quiet street. :)

P1190792 (1024x683)

P1190794 (1024x683)

This is the lobby:

P1190795 (1024x683)

P1190796 (1024x683)

P1190797 (1024x683)

P1190798 (1024x683)

We booked a double room.  Room rate is 9,455 Yen per night.

P1190799 (1024x683)

It was a tiny room with a small double bed.  But it was okay.  We actually liked it. :)

P1190800 (1024x683)

We left the hotel at 5 a.m. the next day.  Our flight to Sapporo was at 7 a.m. :)

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June 30, 2015 at 4:31 pm

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Last leg – Osaka

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On the last leg of our trip, I booked 2 nights at my favorite hotel in Osaka, Fraser Residence Nankai. We always get the 1-bedroom apartment.  The rates change depending on the season, but for this stay, we paid 31,104 Yen for 2 nights with breakfast. :)

Check out our room:

P1190232 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190233 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190234 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190235 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190236 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190237 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190238 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190239 (1024x683) (1024x683)

We went around Dotonbori;

P1190240 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190241 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190242 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190243 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190247 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190248 (1024x683) (1024x683)

Namba Parks;

P1190249 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190316 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190317 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190320 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190322 (1024x683) (1024x683)

and before going to the airport, we ate at Cafe Muji.: :)

P1190323 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190324 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190325 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190326 (1024x683) (1024x683)

(Photos were taken on May 8 and 10, 2014)


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March 28, 2015 at 10:30 pm


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While we were in Osaka, we did a side trip to Arashiyama. We always wanted to see the Bamboo forest! :)

This is the walk from the station to the Bamboo forest:

P1190257 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190258 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190260 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190262 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190264 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190265 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190266 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190267 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190268 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190269 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190270 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190274 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190275 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190276 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190277 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190278 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190280 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190281 (1024x683) (1024x683)

We bought some snacks here:

P1190282 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190285 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190287 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190288 (1024x683) (1024x683)

It started to drizzle when we got to the bamboo forest!

P1190289 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190290 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190293 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190303 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190305 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190306 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190307 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190308 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190312 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190314 (1024x683) (1024x683)

(Photos were taken on May 9, 2014).

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March 28, 2015 at 10:20 pm

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Hida Kokubun-ji Temple

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While we were walking to back to the train station, Julian saw this compound and he went inside.

P1190157 (1024x683) (1024x683)

We followed him inside and saw this:

P1190158 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190159 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190160 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190161 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190162 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190163 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190164 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190165 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190166 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190168 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190169 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190170 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190172 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190174 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190175 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190176 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190178 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190179 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190181 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190182 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190183 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190185 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190186 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190187 (1024x683) (1024x683)

We spent about half an hour inside the compound, then we walked back to the station.

P1190195 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190196 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190198 (1024x683) (1024x683)

We watched the sunset inside the train as we headed back to Nagoya. :)

P1190201 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190202 (1024x683) (1024x683)

(Photos were taken on May 7, 2014)


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March 28, 2015 at 10:18 pm

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The old town of Takayama (1)

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The houses and buildings in the old town of Takayama dates back from the Edo Period (1600-1868).  You can read more about that here.

Here are some of our photos:

P1190015 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190022 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190024 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190028 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190030 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190031 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190032 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190033 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190034 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190039 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190042 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190044 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190045 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190048 (1024x683) (1024x683)

P1190049 (1024x683) (1024x683)

(Photos were taken on May 7, 2014)


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March 28, 2015 at 10:15 pm

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