Acacia Hotel

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July 16, 2014 – Typhoon Glenda

I remember the date very well because it was the day after Julian’s birthday.

Heavy rain and strong winds started the night before.  Electricity was out by 1:00 a.m.; running water was cut by 9:00 a.m..

We could survive without electricity.  But we couldn’t deal with not having water at home.  How do you cook, wash dishes, clean yourself, etc.?  We decided to stay in a hotel for that night.

I was excited because I’ve always wanted to stay in the hotels in our area (Alabang).  But why should we do that when we live in the area already, right?  This was the perfect opportunity! :)

B Hotel had a promo rate advertised in our Village paper so I called them up at 9:00 a.m.  I was told that they were already running full!  Hubby and I decided to drive out and look for hotels.  Our first stop was Acacia Hotel.

We got to Acacia Hotel at around 10:00 a.m.  There were already some people at the Front Desk checking in.  While we were queuing, we asked one of the guest services staff how much the room rate was for the night.  They quoted us Php 6,700 with breakfast for a standard room.  That, for me, was too expensive.  I knew that they always sell rooms on group buying sites for Php 3,500-4,000/ night.

Since they had WiFi in the lobby, I quickly checked their room rate in Agoda.  The rate available was Php 4,604 net with breakfast.  It was still a bit high, but we booked it right away.  When it was our turn to check-in, I just showed them my confirmation voucher from my phone.  T’was a breeze. :)

I didn’t take a photo of the façade and lobby anymore.  It was raining and one of the glass windows in the lobby got broken, so it was quite chaotic in the lobby.

We went home, packed our stuff, and went back to the hotel around 12 noon.

By that time, there were so many people in the lobby trying to get rooms!

Anyway, we got a twin room, and we loved it!

Here are photos:

P1190444 (1024x768)

P1190445 (1024x768)

Yay, electricity! :)

P1190446 (1024x768) P1190447 (1024x768) P1190448 (1024x768)

I like the bed and pillows.:

P1190449 (1024x768)

The room was spacious and clean!

P1190452 (1024x768)

This was our view:

P1190453 (1024x768)

We could see these fallen trees on the street.:

P1190457 (1024x768) P1190458 (1024x768) P1190459 (1024x768) P1190460 (1024x768) P1190461 (1024x768) P1190462 (1024x768) P1190463 (1024x768)

The only thing that I didn’t like was the bathroom so I didn’t bother taking a photo.  It was big and clean, but I didn’t like the shower fixtures.  The shower handles didn’t have hot or cold labels on them.  I accidentally turned the shower to hot, and I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the cold water.  I almost got burnt!  I couldn’t escape the hot water because of the shower’s door layout.  That was really scary!  Before giving Julian a shower, I had to call Front Desk to ask whether the hot or cold switch was to the left or right!  Also, the towels were worn out, they looked gross!  Other than that, we had a good stay.

Buffet breakfast was held  in the function room.  There was a huge spread, and the food was good. :)

We checked out around noon.   We called our helper and she told us that there was running water at home already! :)

We went home to drop off our things, then we had lunch at Alabang Country Club.  We stayed home after lunch, and just as we were settling down, our helper announced that we don’t have water again! :(

We decided to stay in a hotel again that night, but since that was already around 5 p.m., all the hotels in Alabang were already fully booked!

We ended up in Makati, at the newly-opened Citadines in Salcedo Village. :)

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September 18, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Citadines Salcedo Makati

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July 17, 2014 – Makati

It took me over an hour online to find a reasonably priced hotel in Makati for the night.   The best rate that I found was for Citadines in Salcedo Village.  I booked a room through Agoda at Php 5,383 net per night with breakfast.

I didn’t know that there’s already a Citadines here in Manila!  Apparently, they just opened last May.  We are quite familiar with Citadines, and in fact, we love Citadines because we had such a good experience at Citadines Kyoto!  We love serviced apartments! :)

Here are photos of the room:

1405609675171 1405609295007  P1190465 (1024x768)

We loved the bed, pillows, sheets, towels, everything! :)

P1190466 (1024x768) P1190467 (1024x768) P1190468 (1024x768)

There’s a kitchenette:

P1190464 (1024x768)

The bathroom was very clean!:

P1190469 (1024x768)

This was our view:


We had a wonderful stay here!  Since we checked in at 8 p.m. the night before, they allowed us to check out at 2 p.m. :)

Breakfast was served at the restaurant on the ground floor, The Flying Pan.  It was sooo good!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos.

That afternoon, there’s still no electricity in our village, and water supply was sporadic.  So we checked in again in another hotel that’s closer to home, Azumi Boutique Hotel. :)

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September 18, 2014 at 2:06 pm

Azumi Boutique Hotel

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July 18, 2014 – Azumi Hotel

We got there at around 3 p.m., and there were so many people at the lobby!  Some were checking in, some were checking out.

I booked our room through Agoda.  The rate was Php 4,335 net for a standard room.

We waited  quite a while at the lobby.  Julian was getting restless, and he told us he’s not feeling well so hubby talked to the Manager and asked  if they could expedite our check-in.  They did, and they upgraded us to a garden room! :)

Here are photos of the room:

P1190473 (1024x768)

We liked the room. The only problem was the see-through bathroom!:

P1190474 (1024x768)

There’s also a kitchenette:

P1190475 (1024x768)

P1190477 (1024x768)

So glad we stocked up on “instant” brewed coffee from Japan! :)


I took this photo from the shower:

P1190478 (1024x768)

P1190479 (1024x768)

The only difference this room had from the standard room was that this had a balcony (with fake grass).:

P1190481 (1024x768)

Our view was the parking lot:

P1190482 (1024x768)

This was at the poolside, Penthouse:

P1190484 (1024x768)

View of Molito:

P1190496 (1024x768)

I really like Azumi’s lobby.  It’s so picturesque! :)

P1190498 (1024x768)

Beside the lobby is the Nails Spa:

P1190505 (1024x768) P1190506 (1024x768) P1190507 (1024x768)

More photos of the lobby:

P1190509 (1024x768) P1190510 (1024x768) P1190511 (1024x768) P1190513 (1024x768)

Romulo Café is the restaurant at the ground floor. We had dinner there and the food was sooo good! :)

P1190514 (1024x768)

The place is so quaint! :)

P1190516 (1024x768) P1190517 (1024x768)

Here are photos outside:

P1190518 (1024x768) P1190519 (1024x768) P1190527 (1024x576)

We checked out around 2 p.m.  There was already electricity and water at home, but we already booked another hotel for the night!  It was prepaid and it was non-refundable so we just checked in again. This time at B Hotel. :)

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September 18, 2014 at 2:06 pm

B Hotel Alabang

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July 19, 2014 – B Hotel

We booked a standard room through Agoda and got it for Php 3,675 net per night with breakfast.

B Hotel is a boutique hotel managed by the Bellevue chain of hotels.

Among all the hotels that we’ve stayed at in the past days, this seems the oldest (you can see from the fixtures/ furniture), but I must say, B Hotel had the best customer service! :)

The room was spacious and clean:

P1190520 (1024x768) P1190522 (1024x768) P1190523 (1024x768)

I like the floor-to-ceiling window of our room!

P1190524 (1024x768)

This was our view:

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

Buffet breakfast was served at the lobby.  The spread wasn’t that big.  The food was just okay.

We were starting to get homesick so we checked out right after breakfast.

And that ends our mini staycation. :)

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September 18, 2014 at 2:05 pm

Lime and Basil Restaurant

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Before I continue with my Japan posts, let me do the other (late) posts that’s been languishing in my drafts folder.

Last July, Mom and I went to Tags (Tagaytay).  She was going to have her house there cleaned and I wanted to tag along.  We dropped off the helper in the house, and then we went to fetch my Ninang Remcie so we could have lunch.  Tita Remcie usually stays in her Tagaytay home every weekend and she knows the good restaurants there.  She recommended Lime and Basil. :)


The place is located in the same street as Marcia Adams’.  It’s by reservation only.


We went there on a weekday and we were the only ones there. :)


We love the place and the food! :)

We ordered the Fresh Spring Rolls (Php 240), which was sooo good!: :)


Som Tam (Shredded Green Papaya, Tomatoes, Nuts, Thai Dressing and Crispy Pork, Php 260):

Also, very good! :)


Chicken Sate (Php 230):

I found this a bit too sweet.


Pad Thai (Php 270), also very good! :


We wanted to order more food but there were only 3 of us.

For dessert, we had the Banana Fritters with Langka ice cream (Php 220):

Delish!!! :)


Here are photos of the place:





After lunch, we went to the market to buy coffee beans, fruits, and herbs! :)

I bought Tarragon, Mint, and Thyme; all for Php 100 only!: :)


Tita Remcie told us about the Cheese Hopia of Sonia’s Garden.  She said it’s quite good and that it gets sold out fast.  So we went there, too.   The Cheese Hopia were freshly baked, still warm, when we got there.  I forget how much they cost.  I think it’s Php 150 per pack.  Yes, these are really good!: :)


After all that, we went back to Mom’s Tags house.

I haven’t been there in ages!

I saw these on Mom’s coffee table.:


These decorative items were hand-carved by the tribes people of Palawan.: :)


This is Mom’s living room:


I have more photos of her Tags home but  I’ll do that on a separate post. :)

Lime and Basil is at 9014 J. Rizal St., Barangay Sikat, Alfonso, Cavite.  Their mobile phone number is +63(915) 627-6393.

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September 8, 2014 at 2:40 pm


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