Aoyama flower store again

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Like I said before, a trip to Osaka (for me) is not complete without visiting this flower shop in Namba Parks.  I did several posts about Aoyama Flower store, and you can see them here , here, and here.

P1160616 (1024x683)

P1160600 (1024x683)

P1160601 (1024x683)

P1160602 (1024x683)

P1160604 (1024x683)

P1160606 (1024x683)

P1160607 (1024x683)

P1160609 (1024x683)

P1160610 (1024x683)

P1160611 (1024x683)

P1160612 (1024x683)

P1160613 (1024x683)

P1160614 (1024x683)

P1160615 (1024x683)


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April 12, 2014 at 4:13 pm

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Osechi Ryori

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Last Jan. 2, 2014, Mom, Caron and I got the chance to try the traditional Japanese New Year’s breakfast called Osechi Ryori.


P1160536 (1024x683)

We went to NP Restaurant, located just a block away from Fraser Residence.

The place is nice and cozy! :)

P1160523 (1024x683)

Before going to the restaurant, our hotel provided us information about Osechi Ryori, the traditional New Year’s breakfast.

According to them, the Osechi Ryori is the most important meal of the year.  Each dish is symbolic.  The food is eaten in a special way using chopsticks with rounded ends.  One side is for humans, and the other side is for the gods.  New Year’s is a time for rest in Japan so according to tradition, nothing should be cooked before New Year’s Eve.  Most of the dishes in the Osechi Ryori is finished before New Year’s Eve.  The dishes are dried and/ or it contained sugar or vinegar to preserve the food.

Everything here is DELICIOUS!!!

P1160527 (1024x683)

Zoni (soup with rice cakes and vegetables) – This is considered a good-luck dish and is eaten at the very start of the party.:

P1160534 (1024x683)

Koya Tofu - This is named after the sacred mountain where monks discovered a method to freeze-dry the tofu.  Its appearance resembles a shield that protects one from enemies and danger.:

P1160529 (1024x683)

Kohaku Kamaboko (red and white fish cake) – The color and shape are reminiscent of Japan’s rising sun. It has a celebratory and festive meaning:

P1160530 (1024x683)

Sekihan (rice cooked with red beans) – Red rice was offered to the gods in old Japan.  The red color is associated with preventing sickness.:

P1160531 (1024x683)

Tazukuri (small dried sardines or anchovies cooked and dried with soy sauce and sugar) – This symbolizes abundant harvest; Kuri Kinton (sweetened chestnut) symbolizes wealth; Kuro Mame (black soybeans) symbolizes good health:

P1160532 (1024x683)

I enjoyed the Osechi Ryori.  This has been one of the BEST dishes I’ve ever tried!: :)

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April 12, 2014 at 4:12 pm

Lights at Namba Parks

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This shot was taken from our room at Fraser Residence:

P1160595 (1024x683)

I couldn’t resist the lights and the décor.  I made a quick trip there. 

P1160596 (1024x683)
P1160630 (1024x683)

P1160597 (1024x683)

P1160629 (1024x683)

I went back to the room after an hour.  I looked out the window, and took another shot.: :)

P1160633 (1024x683)

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April 12, 2014 at 4:11 pm

New Year’s at Fraser Osaka

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This is my favorite hotel in Osaka!  After several days of touring, and since we’re celebrating the New Year, I thought it would be nice to end our trip on a high note, hence, the nice hotel. :)

Hubby, Julian and I stayed here last March 2013 and you can read about that here.  During that time, we spent about Php 7,000 per night for a 1-bedroom apartment.  We always book our rooms at Booking.com.

P1160428 (1024x683)

This time, because it’s peak season, we spent about Php 10,500 per night for a 1-bedroom apartment.  We were lucky that we were able to get rooms there during that season.  They sell fast!

Julian and I shared and enjoyed this big room.  It also made us miss hubby! :(

P1160429 (1024x683)

P1160433 (1024x683)

Breakfast is included in the room rate, and this is their restaurant on the ground floor:

P1160517 (1024x683)

P1160518 (1024x683)

P1160520 (1024x683)

P1160521 (1024x683)

On Dec. 31, Tita Mc, Bruno and Selene joined us for a New Year’s family dinner. :)

We stayed at Mom’s room.:

P1160421 (1024x683)

Mom and Tita Mc bought food from Takashimaya.  Everything was delish! :)

P1160423 (1024x683)

Our mini party:

P1160425 (1024x683)

The view from Mom’s room:

P1160424 (1024x683)

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April 12, 2014 at 4:09 pm

Take-out food place at Namba

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We arrived in Osaka around 3 or 4 p.m. (Dec. 31) from Kanazawa.  The kids were getting hungry so Angela and I looked for a place to buy food for the kids.  We first went to Takashimaya.  There were so many people!  It was really chaotic!  Apparently,  in celebration of New Year’s Eve, most of the stores close at 6 p.m. and remain closed the whole day of Jan. 1.  That’s why a lot of people were doing some last-minute shopping!

We decided to go somewhere else.

I never noticed this store before. It’s right across Fraser Residence.:

P1160418 (1024x683)

They didn’t have a lot of food left, but they cooked rice meals for us.:

P1160417 (1024x683)

I also got some of the fried meat patties:

P1160416 (1024x683)

P1160415 (1024x683)

P1160414 (1024x683)

P1160412 (1024x683)

I must say, the food was pretty good!  It was quite cheap, too! :)

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April 12, 2014 at 4:07 pm

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